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Summer Street Studio


This was a summer art program that put high school kids with real artists from the community.  It also brought theater, dance, creative writing, poetry, mural painting, sculpture, and jazz together in a really intense way.

Many thanks to Caesar Deflories,  Tom Queoff, Berkley Fudge, Fred Silver, and the lady behind it all that made it happen whose name I have forgotten .

I spent 5 summers at Summer Street.  I would never have been a real artist without it.

When I got to MacDowell Colony I knew just what to do.

The work I did with Caesar Deflories I never made slides.  The time I spent with him was wild.  He was amazing  to be around.  My first real experience with an artistic mind let loose.  We were all over the place with exuberance and possibility.  I miss him greatly.

The following pieces were done in the summers of 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980. Tom Queoff ran the class and presented us with the model of a tough sculptor.  He was always someone to look up to.

This first piece is alabaster.


This piece is from a piece of cherry log. 




This is marble and black walnut.  The walnut was laminated and then carved.